Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Reasons

Every now and then I think of reasons I want to lose weight, so I decided to jot some of them down as a reminder to myself.
  1. OFFICE CHAIR: My butt just about doesn't fit! This is a chair that when I first got it, I referred to it as a "big butt chair" and now my butt touches the sides of the arm rests! I used to fit in it much better.
  2. CLOTHES SELECTION: I want to be able to shop at ALL stores and not just "big girl" stores like Lane Bryant and Avenue. I see cute clothes hanging in the mall windows but I'm unable to shop there.
  3. SHOPPING: My mother-in-law has asked a few times if she could take me shopping to buy me a new outfit, and because of my size, I've told her "no, thanks...I'm not much into clothes shopping." When I was thinner (back at 150) I liked to go shopping because I actually fit into clothes at any store. I hate it now and I'd be too embarrassed trying on clothes for her to see. So, once I get smaller I will tell her I'll take her up on that shopping spree offer!
  4. LESS PAIN: I want my feet and knees to hurt less.
  5. LESS HUFFING-&-PUFFING: I don't want to be winded any more walking from the parking lot to my office.
  6. STRAIGHT LINE: Okay, so this one is kinda funny. What I mean by "straight line" is this....when I stand and look at myself sideways in a mirror NOW, my boobs stick out farther than my face and my butt sticks way out from my back. After I loose weight, I want my face to enter the room before my boobs! And I don't want my butt exiting the room 10 seconds after the rest of me! I want to look like a straight line rather than a scribble. =)
  7. PICK ME UP!: I want my husband to be able to pick me up if he so desires. You know, like to carry me to the bedroom or something like that! =)

That's all I can think of right now. I'll blog after weigh-in this Saturday. I think I've only lost a pound or two so far. But that's better than gaining, right?

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