Monday, June 30, 2008

Time to Kick It Up

Another small loss this week...*only* .8 pounds. June was the worst month for me as far as weight loss totals go. Admittedly, I slacked most of the month when it came to exercising at work so I am going to recommit myself starting tomorrow and hopefully July will be a better month.

I also want to make myself go to the gym a few days during the week. I could easily go on Sunday mornings since the dog wakes us up around 6 a.m. anyway. I might as well be at the gym working out instead of trying to ignore her attempts to get us out of bed. ; ) I don't have to start getting ready for church until 9:30 so it's doable.

I could also easily go on Tuesday nights since my husband leaves for choir practice at 6:30 and doesn't get home until 8:30ish. I tend to have the munchies when left alone anyway, so it would help with that.

And maybe Thursdays will be my other night to go. I'd like to start going 3 times a week, which will be a struggle at first given that I don't like going to the gym. I will suck it up and go though. (Bill, if you're reading this....please make me stick to my new Tues-Thurs-Sun routine.)

Here's to June being over....and July starting!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Recharged & Ready

Every now and then I try on my bridal gown, the one that was, admittedly, too tight on our wedding day in December 2006. I weighed 187 that day, so I now weigh 24 pounds less. I tried the gown on last night and seeing how big it is on me, instantly recharged me and I am looking forward to the new week. Last week wasn't the martini indulgence, as fun as it was, bit me in the butt. Big Time. And well, the theatre popcorn (kids size & no butter, but still), more popcorn at the bar, nachos at a baseball game and two ice cream cones from McD's obviously didn't help any either. I still lost .6 this week (total 56.8) but it was a struggle getting off the extra pounds I had packed on from the first few days of last week.

Here's a picture of me in the dress. As you can see, there's quite a lot of room now! When I wasn't holding it up, it fell down about 3" from where it should sit on my chest. It's way big on "girls" could invite some friends to join them. There's also lots of room in the tummy area and butt, too.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Funny Comic & How We're Losing Weight

I don't usually read Pearls Before Swine, but I did today and it was so funny I had to post it here. Hopefully you find it laughable as well. =)

Part of the reason I find it funny is that I've been a paying member of one gym or another since about 1996. Have I worked out continually since 1996? NO! Even now, I'm a member of Anytime Fitness, however, I haven't been to the gym since March. I don't like going to gyms...never really have...but I continue to pay each and every month. It's not that I don't exercise because I do. I generally walk and climb stairs at work for 30-60 minutes each day, and we take the dog for a 30-minute walk every evening. Last Saturday we took her on an hour-long walk. So I do exercise, but I don't go "work out" the way a lot of you do.

About 5 years ago I did work out. I spent at least 10 hours/week at the gym and lost 20 pounds in 2 months. I modified my diet a bit, but the weight came off primarily through exercise. As soon as my life picked back up (aka, my broken heart mended), I stopped exercising and the weight came back because I hadn't learned to eat right.

This time around, I'm modifying my diet and doing exercise that I know I can stick with. I know I can continue exercising at work and the dog will always need to be walked. Even last winter, we took her every day. We live in Nebraska so there were many days when we were walking in temps in the teens with snow on the ground. I bundled up in double, sometimes triple, layers and didn't let it stop me. I choose to spend my evenings with my husband and dog rather than at the gym.

My husband is unable to exercise during his workday, so he works out at the gym. But like me, he'd rather spend time with us in the evening, so he heads to the gym every morning (M-F) shortly after 5 a.m. and is there for 45-60 minutes. I choose to sleep in because let's just state it....I'm crabby as it is in the morning, let alone at 5 a.m.! He's modified his diet but he still routinely eats burgers, fries, bratwursts, wings, beer, etc., but he's not "doing" WW so that's fine. And "his way" is obviously working for him as he's lost 47 pounds himself.

I don't think that either way is wrong. We each have to do what works best for us. And so far, what I'm doing is working and vice versa. When the day comes that my losses slow down or I plateau, I will have to change something up and I will likely spend some time at the gym to see if that works. But until then, my 60-90 minutes of walking each day will have to do.

More Food Reviews

I tried two new products this week so I thought I would share them with you!

Krusteaz Fat-Free Pancake Mix
There is only one word to describe these things and that is G-R-O-S-S!!! I made them per the instructions and the batter was so thick it wouldn't pour. I ended up scooping it out and plopping it onto the griddle. They turned out really heavy, thick, and chewy. After we tasted one bite, I gave the rest of it to our dog. Even she had trouble chewing the darn thing! lol.... So the remaining 5 of them were pitched in the trash. Luckily we had a regular box of pancake mix on-hand, so our brunch wasn't ruined! I like some of Krusteaz's other fat-free products, but be sure to stay away from this one!

Western Bagel....The Alternative Bagel
I had one of the cinnamon spice flavored ones with my breakfast this morning and was pleasantly surprised! I've never found a "healthy" bagel (or english muffin, for that matter) that tasted "real" but this one was great! It's a nice size, 2 oz, so it's not one of those mini ones. It's obviously not the size of one from Panera, but it's satisfying. The NI is 110 cal, 0 fat, and 7 fiber for a Points value of 1. I will definitely purchase more when these are gone. By the way, in my supermarket, they are in the refrigerated healthy foods section and not with the regular bagels.

Fiber One Original Cereal : Update
I still like them plain as a snack, but when I eat them with milk I find they taste much better with a little bit of cinnamon and splenda.

Hebrew National 97% Fat-Free Beef Hot Dogs
These are 100% fresh kosher beef franks made with nothing artifical. The NI is 45 cal, 1.5 fat, 0 fiber for a Points value of just 1 Point! I like a hot dog every now and then, but my are they pointy! So I thought it would be great to find these suckers! I've looked at 3 different stores but didn't have any luck. HOWEVER, I just called another store and they have them! I told the guy I would stop by after work, and luckily, it's not completely out of my way! I am SOOOOO excited! I will write a review as soon as I try one.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


That was our meeting topic yesterday and yes, I do indulge. But mine are somewhat planned. Pretty much every Saturday, I blow right through my 22 daily points and at least half of my weeklies. Usually I use the extra weekly points on lunch and dinner out, but this week's 35 points went straight toward martinis!

My husband and I went to Grata, a new lounge in the south part of town. We dropped in to have A drink. As in one. Only one. HOWEVER, they have an extensive martini list and well, one led to two....and two led to three....

We had a great time but decided it's probably good that we live about 15 miles away on the north side of town because otherwise my 35 points would routinely be spent there! lol....

After Grata we went to the Starlight Lounge, another martini bar, located downtown and on our way home. It's sort of a throwback lounge...chairs, couches, and other decor from the 1970's. They have a couch in there that is exactly like the one my aunt & uncle had when I was a kid. Same design and fabric, but a different color. And the carpet is in Brady Bunch orange! I only had one drink and we called it a night.

So yes, I indulge....and apparently that includes martinis!

I lost 1.4 this week so that brings me to 56.2 total. My personal goal is to lose 80 pounds, but my WW goal is 75. So I've only got 18.8 to go for that. It seems weird typing a number in the

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fiber One Reviews

Fiber One Original Cereal
I purchased some Fiber One Original yesterday because a recipe I found called for it. I had never bought it before because, well, it looks like twigs from a mini-tree! I figured it would be hard and crunchy, like Grape Nuts, so I had never ever wanted to try it. When I got home I decided to see if it was any good and reached in and grabbed a few "twigs." To my surprise, it was actually pretty good! They aren't hard at all and remind me of Cheerios a bit, in texture and taste, and seem to have a slight cinnamon flavor. The nutritional info for 1/2 cup (dry) is 60 cal, 1 fat, 14 fiber. For a points value of ZERO! They'd be good for a pre-dinner snack or late night snack when you're out of points. Even with 1/2 cup skim milk, they're still only 1 point. I had a bowl this morning with milk on it and honestly, I like them dry better. But, by having the Fiber One Original instead of the Fiber One Honey Clusters that I have been eating, I can save 3 points on breakfast! That's HUGE, especially as I continue to lose points. I don't know that I'll have them every morning, but they'd be great for days when I know I'll be eating some meals out.

Fiber One Chewy Bars -- Oats & Strawberries with Almonds
I am a HUGE fan of their Oats & Chocolate flavor (much to my husband's dismay), so I thought I would give this new flavor a try. To be honest, I don't like them. As much, anyway. They don't seem to be as gooey as the Oats & Chocolate ones, and the dried strawberries are way too sweet. They actually made my throat hurt! I will eat the rest of them, gradually, but I won't buy them again. I'll stick with the chocolate ones instead.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please, Mother Nature...

...Take a break already! We spent another evening in our unfinished basement while we were in a tornado warning for nearly 2 hours. Tornadoes touched down all around Lincoln, but none hit in the city. Thankfully our 3 sump-pumps kept up with the downpouring rain so our basement stayed dry. Our backyard turned into a pond, as it always does with heavy rains, plus we ended up with a river on the north side of the house and a flooded sidewalk with worms floating by, but all is well this morning. I'm guessing that our neighbors didn't fare as well because a truck with the words "Emergency Water Removal & Structural Drying" on the side of it was in their driveway when I left for work today. Unlike ours, their basement is finished so I imagine they have quite a mess.

I received an email from my sister-in-law today saying that one of the boy scouts that lost his life in last night's storm was from their city (Omaha), and a member of their church. He was only 13. I can't imagine how scared all of those young boys were. I was scared...and I was in a structurally-sound basement. I hope I never have to go through what they did, but if I do, I hope that I'm as brave as they were. I've been reading stories about how they put the skills they've learned to use and helped one another, from removing tree limbs off of fellow scouts to rescuing a ranger and his wife from beneath rubble. It's just amazing.

Please keep the children and their families in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

We've Hit 100!

That's right! My husband and I have lost a combined total of 100 pounds! Okay, technically 99.4 but I'm rounding up. =) He's lost 44.6 and I've lost 54.8! How awesome is that?!

We were talking last night and I told him that when I first started, I had no idea I would be this successful. To be honest, I figured it would be like all of my previous weight loss attempts....I'd try hard for a few weeks, see no results and give up, only to gain even more weight. But for some reason, this time was completely different. My first week I lost 5 pounds and I still remember how excited I was to tell him. And you know what? I'm still excited to report my weigh in to him every Saturday morning. I used to wait till I got home to tell him; now I text him from my meeting and he sends back a "way to go" message or something along that line.

In today's meeting we talked about motivation and motivators and who our biggest cheerleader is. My husband is without a doubt the person who keeps me going. I don't think a day goes by when he doesn't say "hey skinny," or "I'm very proud of you." I'm glad that he decided to join me on my journey because without his support, I'm pretty positive I would still weigh 220 pounds...if not more.

I've set mini-goals from the beginning and now that the Chicago goal was met, it's time to set another one. One of my husband's cousins is getting married August 2nd which is 8 weeks from today. My goal is to weigh 150 by then, so I have to lose 15 pounds. Is it doable? I'm not quite I'll settle for 155. Another goal is to wear a dress to the wedding. I'm not a dress-wearing girl, so it's going to be tough. I haven't worn a girly dress since I was little....unless you count prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and my wedding gown. I'll do skirts occassionally. So really, the dress thing is more daunting than the weight loss itself!

Wow...I was long-winded today! Must have been the coffee I had this morning!

An updated progress chart is below.