Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Food Reviews

I tried two new products this week so I thought I would share them with you!

Krusteaz Fat-Free Pancake Mix
There is only one word to describe these things and that is G-R-O-S-S!!! I made them per the instructions and the batter was so thick it wouldn't pour. I ended up scooping it out and plopping it onto the griddle. They turned out really heavy, thick, and chewy. After we tasted one bite, I gave the rest of it to our dog. Even she had trouble chewing the darn thing! lol.... So the remaining 5 of them were pitched in the trash. Luckily we had a regular box of pancake mix on-hand, so our brunch wasn't ruined! I like some of Krusteaz's other fat-free products, but be sure to stay away from this one!

Western Bagel....The Alternative Bagel
I had one of the cinnamon spice flavored ones with my breakfast this morning and was pleasantly surprised! I've never found a "healthy" bagel (or english muffin, for that matter) that tasted "real" but this one was great! It's a nice size, 2 oz, so it's not one of those mini ones. It's obviously not the size of one from Panera, but it's satisfying. The NI is 110 cal, 0 fat, and 7 fiber for a Points value of 1. I will definitely purchase more when these are gone. By the way, in my supermarket, they are in the refrigerated healthy foods section and not with the regular bagels.

Fiber One Original Cereal : Update
I still like them plain as a snack, but when I eat them with milk I find they taste much better with a little bit of cinnamon and splenda.

Hebrew National 97% Fat-Free Beef Hot Dogs
These are 100% fresh kosher beef franks made with nothing artifical. The NI is 45 cal, 1.5 fat, 0 fiber for a Points value of just 1 Point! I like a hot dog every now and then, but my are they pointy! So I thought it would be great to find these suckers! I've looked at 3 different stores but didn't have any luck. HOWEVER, I just called another store and they have them! I told the guy I would stop by after work, and luckily, it's not completely out of my way! I am SOOOOO excited! I will write a review as soon as I try one.


Karen said...

I really like the alternative bagels. I usually have some sweet wheat ones in the fridge. the onion ones are good as well.

Instead of FF cream cheese, I spread them with a wedge of Laughing Cow lite swiss cheese. Yummmm :-)

The LC cheese is also good spread on slices of apple...

kikimonster said...

You got me hooked on the Fiber One Original! I like it with either blueberries or strawberries mixed in. Very yummy!