Friday, June 13, 2008

Fiber One Reviews

Fiber One Original Cereal
I purchased some Fiber One Original yesterday because a recipe I found called for it. I had never bought it before because, well, it looks like twigs from a mini-tree! I figured it would be hard and crunchy, like Grape Nuts, so I had never ever wanted to try it. When I got home I decided to see if it was any good and reached in and grabbed a few "twigs." To my surprise, it was actually pretty good! They aren't hard at all and remind me of Cheerios a bit, in texture and taste, and seem to have a slight cinnamon flavor. The nutritional info for 1/2 cup (dry) is 60 cal, 1 fat, 14 fiber. For a points value of ZERO! They'd be good for a pre-dinner snack or late night snack when you're out of points. Even with 1/2 cup skim milk, they're still only 1 point. I had a bowl this morning with milk on it and honestly, I like them dry better. But, by having the Fiber One Original instead of the Fiber One Honey Clusters that I have been eating, I can save 3 points on breakfast! That's HUGE, especially as I continue to lose points. I don't know that I'll have them every morning, but they'd be great for days when I know I'll be eating some meals out.

Fiber One Chewy Bars -- Oats & Strawberries with Almonds
I am a HUGE fan of their Oats & Chocolate flavor (much to my husband's dismay), so I thought I would give this new flavor a try. To be honest, I don't like them. As much, anyway. They don't seem to be as gooey as the Oats & Chocolate ones, and the dried strawberries are way too sweet. They actually made my throat hurt! I will eat the rest of them, gradually, but I won't buy them again. I'll stick with the chocolate ones instead.


c said...

I bought the new Fiber One caramel flavored cereal but it's a lot of points! I don't even like it that much either. I agree with you that the original looks like twigs - that's why I've never tried it! I'll try it after I finish this box. That's a ton of fiber in one serving!

And I love the chocolate and oats fiber bars. They taste so good!

ptg said...

I just tried the FO oats & chocolate and they are SO yummy. I have a box of the oats & caramel to try next.

I'm currently eating Kashi honey flax clusters cereal (I think that's the name?). That's pretty tasty dry as well.

Karen said...

I've been eating Fiber One, for breakfast, for quite awhile. I mix it in with WW yoghurt and a cup of berries. Which is a total of 2 points.

I also like the chocolate and oat bars :-)

Have you heard of PB2 ? It's powdered peanut butter, that's had something like 75% of fat removed. You can use it in cooking or mix it with water and use it as normal peanut butter. It's just 1 point per serving. I just bought a jar and it arrived today. Can't wait to try it with a banana on toast. :-)

kikimonster said...

Okay, I'm definitely going to have to try the Fiber One Original now that you suggested it. Also, have you had the Fiber One Oats and PB bars? Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah, that's all I have to say about that :)

Sheridan Gustin said...