Saturday, June 7, 2008

We've Hit 100!

That's right! My husband and I have lost a combined total of 100 pounds! Okay, technically 99.4 but I'm rounding up. =) He's lost 44.6 and I've lost 54.8! How awesome is that?!

We were talking last night and I told him that when I first started, I had no idea I would be this successful. To be honest, I figured it would be like all of my previous weight loss attempts....I'd try hard for a few weeks, see no results and give up, only to gain even more weight. But for some reason, this time was completely different. My first week I lost 5 pounds and I still remember how excited I was to tell him. And you know what? I'm still excited to report my weigh in to him every Saturday morning. I used to wait till I got home to tell him; now I text him from my meeting and he sends back a "way to go" message or something along that line.

In today's meeting we talked about motivation and motivators and who our biggest cheerleader is. My husband is without a doubt the person who keeps me going. I don't think a day goes by when he doesn't say "hey skinny," or "I'm very proud of you." I'm glad that he decided to join me on my journey because without his support, I'm pretty positive I would still weigh 220 pounds...if not more.

I've set mini-goals from the beginning and now that the Chicago goal was met, it's time to set another one. One of my husband's cousins is getting married August 2nd which is 8 weeks from today. My goal is to weigh 150 by then, so I have to lose 15 pounds. Is it doable? I'm not quite I'll settle for 155. Another goal is to wear a dress to the wedding. I'm not a dress-wearing girl, so it's going to be tough. I haven't worn a girly dress since I was little....unless you count prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and my wedding gown. I'll do skirts occassionally. So really, the dress thing is more daunting than the weight loss itself!

Wow...I was long-winded today! Must have been the coffee I had this morning!

An updated progress chart is below.


kikimonster said...

Wow... you are a rockstar!! I can't believe how close to your goal you are! Great going :)

c said...

Oh my gosh! 100 pounds in incredible! You both are so inspiring. Kudos to your husband for being so supportive as well. I'd love to be hearing daily comments!

RooBabs said...

Congratulations on all you've accomplished. It's so great to have that support from your husband, and even better that you can support and encourage each other. Great job to both of you! I'm sure you'll look great by the wedding. = )

ptg said...

Congratulations! 100lbs is amazing in ANY way you look at it.
Kudos to both of you for being so inspiring.

I am SO glad that I found this blog!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow!! With your committment, 15 lbs is totally within your reach! You guys have been a total inspiration to us! Dustin has agreed to go walking with me in the mornings!! That is a huge step for him!! He is not a morning person and does not like to exercise! I agree with you Marcie, if you do it together, it is easier! Congratulation you two! Please keep posting pics!! Love Kacy