Saturday, June 21, 2008

Recharged & Ready

Every now and then I try on my bridal gown, the one that was, admittedly, too tight on our wedding day in December 2006. I weighed 187 that day, so I now weigh 24 pounds less. I tried the gown on last night and seeing how big it is on me, instantly recharged me and I am looking forward to the new week. Last week wasn't the martini indulgence, as fun as it was, bit me in the butt. Big Time. And well, the theatre popcorn (kids size & no butter, but still), more popcorn at the bar, nachos at a baseball game and two ice cream cones from McD's obviously didn't help any either. I still lost .6 this week (total 56.8) but it was a struggle getting off the extra pounds I had packed on from the first few days of last week.

Here's a picture of me in the dress. As you can see, there's quite a lot of room now! When I wasn't holding it up, it fell down about 3" from where it should sit on my chest. It's way big on "girls" could invite some friends to join them. There's also lots of room in the tummy area and butt, too.


Karen said...


Doesn't that make you feel really good !!!! Congratulations!!!

Are you going to get the dress taken in, when you get down to goal?

ptg said...

What a great idea to try it on!!!

I actually can't wear mine again - it got torn apart to make my daughter's christening gown. But I might try on the bridesmaid gown I wore a few months ago as well as some other items...

How inspiring!

c said...

That's a great idea! Your dress is really pretty! Mine had a similar sweeping style to the side. I have no idea what's that called. Some bride I was.

And .6 adds up so good for you. You are rocking this program!