Friday, November 4, 2011

It's been a while!

I'm obviously not as committed to this blog this time around as it's been a month since I've updated!  Tomorrow is weigh-in at WW and according to my home scale I've lost 1.6 this week, making my total loss to date 18.8 pounds.  Not too shabby of a total for 9 weeks.

We leave for the cruise one month from today and my goal when I started was to get my 10% keychain (20 pounds) by the time we left. After tomorrow, I have 3 more weigh-ins, so I should be able to attain it. I'm going to try very hard not to gain a lot of weight while we're gone but I know it will be tough.  I am going to take my tracker and materials and try my best to at least write some of the stuff down and make good decisions on what I eat.  My goal is to gain no more than 3 pounds....but 5 pounds might be more realistic.  Even my leader gained 5 pounds on her most recent cruise and she thought she ate very well!  lol... 

Speaking of my leader, I am really liking her a lot!  She is a former motivational speaker so she's very uplifting.  I took in my old "before & after" photos last week and showed them to her.  I just felt like I needed her to see what I was aiming for and she was really impressed with the "after" photo and said I could get there again.  Right now I have basically 36 pounds to go, but I know I can do it!

Happy late Halloween!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 4

I lost 4.8 pounds over the last 2 weeks!  That brings my total to 8.8 pounds.  I'm very excited about that!  However, I didn't do the best food-wise Saturday night (2 beers, a plate of chips & cheese sauce, a slice of salami, and 2 chocolate chip cookies) or last night (enchilada, chips & guac, 2 mixed drinks) but I'll get back on track. 

I have been getting some exercise in, so that's good.  On Saturday we took B to the pumpkin patch so we were walking around for 2 hours there.  We also jumped on this trampoline like thing for 10 minutes.  That afternoon we went on our 1.5 mile walk (30 min).  Yesterday I didn't walk at all, but I've walked 35 so far today and I'm sure we'll go on a walk tonight.

Last week I read through all of my blog entries from the time I started and it was quite motivating, I must say.  I'm noticing that my losses aren't as large this time around but I have to remember that I'm 4 years older and also a mom now. 

This picture was taken at the pumpkin patch over the weeked.  Her favorite stuffed animal is a sheep we've named Lammie and she was in love!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 3

I'm going to be out of town this weekend and unable to weigh-in at WW, but this week has gone FABULOUS.  My naked weight last Saturday morning was 199.6 lbs.  This morning it was 196.8! I plan to take my scale with me and weigh myself on Saturday at 7:00, just as I would if I were in Lincoln, and record that in my booklet.

I wasn't sure I wanted to miss a meeting already, especially given I would receive my 5-pound star this weekend, but I decided I can do it.  My daughter and I are heading back to my mom & dad's house so I told her I'm back on WW and just asked that she make somewhat healthy meals and she said she could do that.  We'll get there around noon tomorrow and will be there till noon on Sunday.  I figure I'll take some of my own food for breakfast but will eat whatever she fixes.  I told her grilled chicken and pork chops would be good and some frozen vegetables and a baked potato for dinner, things like that.  They eat pretty healthy so it'll be fine.

We're going back for Heritage Days, one of the biggest celebrations in my hometown.  I don't think we have anything planned for tomorrow, but there's a parade on Saturday morning and after that we'll likely walk around the park where people will be selling homemade crafts and food items.  That evening is a hot air balloon launch which I think Brianna will enjoy.

I think it will be easier to stay on plan with my mom knowing, so it should be fine.  I'll probably update this when I get back to town and report what my loss was and how I did out of town.

Till then...take care!

p.s.   Is any one out there?

Week 2 Recap

So, my second week on WW went like this.  On the first day of my new week, I had a 22 oz oatmeal stout, a 22 oz bloody mary, and 3 pieces of taco pizza.  That was all on Saturday.  Tuesday came and I had a 12 oz mexican beer, some chips and salsa, and a tostada with guacamole.  Otherwise, I did fine.  Weigh-in day came and according to my scale, I had lost .8 pound.  Not great, but it was a loss and I was actually happy because I was under 200 at 199.6 lbs (undressed).  It was cold that morning so I had to wear pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and socks versus capris and a t-shirt the week before.  I went to my meeting, fully aware that I  would either show no loss or not much of one since I had on more clothes and my "real" loss wasn't that much to begin with.  I was fine with that.  But then I stepped on the scale and read my printed label and it said "+.2"!!!  It showed I had GAINED my 2nd week.  That's unheard of, or so I thought.  I was depressed through the whole meeting and it wasn't till I was driving home that I talked myself up because regardless what the scale read there, I had LOST, I WAS under 200, and losing 4 pounds (according to WWs scale) was still great!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I love the first week...

The first weigh-in at WW is always a good one...if only they could all be so good!  I lost 4.2 lbs which was great.  I didn't do so well over the weekend though...on Saturday afternoonm, I indulged in a 22 oz oatmeal stout followed by a 22 oz bloody mary.  I also ate 2 slices of beer bread.  That evening I ate 30 points plus of taco pizza!  So, I used all of my 49 weekly bonus points (and probably more) all in one day.  Whoops.

Tonight though is GNO, which means Mexican food.  I'll just have a tostada which shouldn't be too terrible and will likely pass on the margarita. 

I'm not feeling too hungry and am adjusting to the new points plus system.  My goal is to get my 5 lb sticker this weekend.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Well, hello!

(Sigh)  I'm back and needless to say, I've got a longgggg ways to go again!  The "I'll lose the weight all on my own" idea didn't work.  At all.  I rejoined WW in March 2010 and only last about a month before I quit.  I had lost 6 pounds (I believe I got down to 181 or so), but I wasn't mentally ready.

Here I am now, back up to 205.  Ouch.  I weigh exactly what I did when I gave birth to my now 2-year old back on July 4, 2009.  My feet are incredibly sore again in the morning and I tire easily, so I'm back at it.  I rejoined WW last weekend so I'll have my first weigh-in tomorrow morning. Hopefully the support of the meetings, the tracking of the food, and this blog will work for me as well as it did the first time around.

So far I've only told 3 people (in real life) that I've husband, a friend, and a coworker.  I'll tell my parents and inlaws later....I guess I'm just too embarrassed to tell them right now.

My 3 biggest motivators right now are:
  • My daughter....I want to see her grow up so I need to get my health in check.  And I need to be able to keep up with her, too!
  • Caribbean Cruise.  We are taking a 7-day cruise in December and I'd like to lose 15 pounds by then.
  • 20th Class Reunion.  No explanation needed!
In case any of my former readers stumble upon my blog again, I thought I'd post a picture of Brianna.  This was one of her 2-year pictures.  I can't believe how fast the last 2 years have gone! 

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

...starting over

I'm back after giving birth to my daughter on July 4, 2009!  She arrived that morning at 8:44 weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz and 19.5" long.  Here's a picture of her at 7 days and one at 12 weeks taken last weekend.

I gained a total of 55 pounds during pregnancy and in the 12 weeks since her birth, I've only lost 25 of them.  And so the journey begins to lose the remaining 30.  Prior to pregnancy I had lost 70 pounds so I know how to do it and I will get there.  It may take me longer to lose weight than it did before because quite honestly, I don't have as much time to be as neurotic about WW points as I was before.  I've decided not to rejoin WW; I figure I will give myself two weeks to do it on my own and then re-evaluate the decision.  Again, I know how to lose weight and my husband is very supportive (he's trying to lose some baby weight, too) so I think it's doable.  If I haven't lost any by then I will probably go back. 

I will try to get back to speed with this blog and report my progress on a weekly basis...but I make no promises!  lol... Heck, I may not have any followers anyway!

I don't have a very good "before" shot of me but this was taken a few weeks ago and is about what I look like now, so it'll have to suffice.  At 150 pounds I was wearing a size 12; at 180 I'm wearing an 18 (in misses; 16 in womens).  Shirts I was in mediums and some smalls; I'm now in extra larges again. 

Let the journey begin....