Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I love the first week...

The first weigh-in at WW is always a good one...if only they could all be so good!  I lost 4.2 lbs which was great.  I didn't do so well over the weekend though...on Saturday afternoonm, I indulged in a 22 oz oatmeal stout followed by a 22 oz bloody mary.  I also ate 2 slices of beer bread.  That evening I ate 30 points plus of taco pizza!  So, I used all of my 49 weekly bonus points (and probably more) all in one day.  Whoops.

Tonight though is GNO, which means Mexican food.  I'll just have a tostada which shouldn't be too terrible and will likely pass on the margarita. 

I'm not feeling too hungry and am adjusting to the new points plus system.  My goal is to get my 5 lb sticker this weekend.

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