Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 3

I'm going to be out of town this weekend and unable to weigh-in at WW, but this week has gone FABULOUS.  My naked weight last Saturday morning was 199.6 lbs.  This morning it was 196.8! I plan to take my scale with me and weigh myself on Saturday at 7:00, just as I would if I were in Lincoln, and record that in my booklet.

I wasn't sure I wanted to miss a meeting already, especially given I would receive my 5-pound star this weekend, but I decided I can do it.  My daughter and I are heading back to my mom & dad's house so I told her I'm back on WW and just asked that she make somewhat healthy meals and she said she could do that.  We'll get there around noon tomorrow and will be there till noon on Sunday.  I figure I'll take some of my own food for breakfast but will eat whatever she fixes.  I told her grilled chicken and pork chops would be good and some frozen vegetables and a baked potato for dinner, things like that.  They eat pretty healthy so it'll be fine.

We're going back for Heritage Days, one of the biggest celebrations in my hometown.  I don't think we have anything planned for tomorrow, but there's a parade on Saturday morning and after that we'll likely walk around the park where people will be selling homemade crafts and food items.  That evening is a hot air balloon launch which I think Brianna will enjoy.

I think it will be easier to stay on plan with my mom knowing, so it should be fine.  I'll probably update this when I get back to town and report what my loss was and how I did out of town.

Till then...take care!

p.s.   Is any one out there?

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