Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 2 Recap

So, my second week on WW went like this.  On the first day of my new week, I had a 22 oz oatmeal stout, a 22 oz bloody mary, and 3 pieces of taco pizza.  That was all on Saturday.  Tuesday came and I had a 12 oz mexican beer, some chips and salsa, and a tostada with guacamole.  Otherwise, I did fine.  Weigh-in day came and according to my scale, I had lost .8 pound.  Not great, but it was a loss and I was actually happy because I was under 200 at 199.6 lbs (undressed).  It was cold that morning so I had to wear pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and socks versus capris and a t-shirt the week before.  I went to my meeting, fully aware that I  would either show no loss or not much of one since I had on more clothes and my "real" loss wasn't that much to begin with.  I was fine with that.  But then I stepped on the scale and read my printed label and it said "+.2"!!!  It showed I had GAINED my 2nd week.  That's unheard of, or so I thought.  I was depressed through the whole meeting and it wasn't till I was driving home that I talked myself up because regardless what the scale read there, I had LOST, I WAS under 200, and losing 4 pounds (according to WWs scale) was still great!

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