Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 4

I lost 4.8 pounds over the last 2 weeks!  That brings my total to 8.8 pounds.  I'm very excited about that!  However, I didn't do the best food-wise Saturday night (2 beers, a plate of chips & cheese sauce, a slice of salami, and 2 chocolate chip cookies) or last night (enchilada, chips & guac, 2 mixed drinks) but I'll get back on track. 

I have been getting some exercise in, so that's good.  On Saturday we took B to the pumpkin patch so we were walking around for 2 hours there.  We also jumped on this trampoline like thing for 10 minutes.  That afternoon we went on our 1.5 mile walk (30 min).  Yesterday I didn't walk at all, but I've walked 35 so far today and I'm sure we'll go on a walk tonight.

Last week I read through all of my blog entries from the time I started and it was quite motivating, I must say.  I'm noticing that my losses aren't as large this time around but I have to remember that I'm 4 years older and also a mom now. 

This picture was taken at the pumpkin patch over the weeked.  Her favorite stuffed animal is a sheep we've named Lammie and she was in love!

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