Monday, June 30, 2008

Time to Kick It Up

Another small loss this week...*only* .8 pounds. June was the worst month for me as far as weight loss totals go. Admittedly, I slacked most of the month when it came to exercising at work so I am going to recommit myself starting tomorrow and hopefully July will be a better month.

I also want to make myself go to the gym a few days during the week. I could easily go on Sunday mornings since the dog wakes us up around 6 a.m. anyway. I might as well be at the gym working out instead of trying to ignore her attempts to get us out of bed. ; ) I don't have to start getting ready for church until 9:30 so it's doable.

I could also easily go on Tuesday nights since my husband leaves for choir practice at 6:30 and doesn't get home until 8:30ish. I tend to have the munchies when left alone anyway, so it would help with that.

And maybe Thursdays will be my other night to go. I'd like to start going 3 times a week, which will be a struggle at first given that I don't like going to the gym. I will suck it up and go though. (Bill, if you're reading this....please make me stick to my new Tues-Thurs-Sun routine.)

Here's to June being over....and July starting!


Karen said...

Believe me, I really know what you're talking about.

June was also a month I really wnat to forget. I also haven't been to a meeting for a couple of weeks.

I'm going this Saturday and what will be will be.

July is definitely going to be a new month!!

ptg said...

Great job on figuring out a plan...

come Saturday, I'll no longer be a member of any gym and I have some definite fear about that. I've ALWAYS belonged to one (maybe not gone, but always belonged) but now that I'm leaving my second job, we can't afford the $$ to maintain a membership.

I'm hoping to keep running, walking, etc to keep in shape. If I start gaining back weight though, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll get back!

Anyway - keep the plan in mind and I know you can do it. A small loss is still a loss, which is great.