Saturday, May 31, 2008


I'm not sure whether to believe it or not, but I supposedly LOST .4 pounds this week...while on vacation for 5 days. I'm doubting the accuracy because according to my scale, I gained .4 pounds. But I'm not going to argue with WW and will go with it. So I've now lost 54.0 pounds.

Our vacation was a lot of fun. On Sunday we toured Wrigley Field, Home of the Cubs, which was really cool. We were able to go inside the press boxes, locker room, dugout, and sit in several different sections, including the bleacher seats in the outfield.

Monday was a beautiful day (81 degrees) so we walked down to Millenium Park and to Grant Park. Then we walked back up along Michigan Avenue to eat lunch at Pizzeria Due which was AWESOME and so not-point-friendly it wasn't even funny! But gosh was it delicious! Mmmmm..... That night we walked to Navy Pier and watched the fireworks show. There was a cover band playing outside that was doing old school rap songs like "It Takes Two" and "Hip-Hop Hooray." It was pretty funny...lots of people were dancing (yours truly just watched) and we felt like we were back in high school! According to my pedometer, we walked over 18,000 steps that day! And the awesome thing was that my feet didn't hurt a bit, nor did my legs!

Tuesday was our architectural river tour and wouldn't you know it, it was an overcast day and only 48 degrees with about a 30 mph an uncovered boat. Brrrrrr! It also sprinkled on us just a bit but nothing to worry about. I drank 3 cups of coffee, mainly to keep my hands warm! We were on the river for 90 minutes but it didn't really seem that long because it was really quite interesting. After that we went to the Java Bar at our hotel and I had an English coffee which consisted of coffee, kahlua, creme de cacao dark, coffee liquer, and whippped cream. Again, NOT point-friendly but very delicious! That night we went back to Navy Pier and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company which was really, really good. I had a grilled shrimp entree and a side of steamed broccoli so I think I redeemed myself. ; )

Wednesday we went to the art museum for a couple of hours before we had to head to the airport. It's the type of place that requires most of the day to go through so we didn't do it justice at all.

I wrote down everything I ate, but didn't even begin to try to calculate how many points stuff was worth. I ate fruit every morning for breakfast and I tried to balance a not-so-healthy meal with a somewhat-healthy meal the best I could. And I drank lots of water and put over 50,000 steps on my pedometer while gone so that should have offset some of the calories.

All in all I'm proud of how I handled myself during the week. I found that I'm conscious of what I'm eating even when I've given myself "permission" to be "bad" and still try to find something unfried to eat.

Below are a few pictures from our trip. Also, an updated progress picture is on the right side of my blog.


Karen said...

You are looking really good!! Actually, you both are. Congratulations !!!!!

Glad you had a great time in Chicago and you're probably right in thinking that all that walking helped offset the *extras* you ate. :-)

kikimonster said...

The same thing happened to me when I was in San Fran in March... I walked like a fool, didn't eat strictly, but didn't go crazy either... and lost! Doesn't it feel great?

You guys look fabulous in your new pics :)

KK said...

You look amazing! Congrats on all your hard work!

c said...

Wow, you are looking so awesome! And I'm really, really impressed with how well you seemed to do while on vacation. I think it's great that you at least were mindful of what you were eating. I can't say the same! Congrats on hitting 54 pounds!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to sa thanks. You have inspired me. I weigh exactly what you did when you joined. I am on week 2 and seem to fall of or almost fall of the plan daily. It is such a struggle for me. I gained 40 lbs in past year and half. Of course I want it to fall off fast. But, if you can offer any advise.. I would greatly appreciate it. You look great!