Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Still No Ring & Weight Update

The manager from the jewelry store called yesterday afternoon to tell me that the ring was back but said, "I don't think it looks much better and I'm pretty sure you won't be happy with it." She called and talked to the manager of the repair shop and apparently the manager didn't understand what the problem was. So she (jewelry manager) said she is going to send it to a completely different repair shop along with the new ring for them to compare it to. I asked her AGAIN at what point do we give up trying to correct his and just exchange it for the new one?? This is now the 3rd time it's been sent back after the original sizing! Since the new one is a size 11 and we need a 10, she's going to ask it to be sized to a 10 while ours is in for correction and is going to talk to her district manager to see if she can do the exchange if ours is still not right when it comes back next week.

I told her that we expect to have a ring for him to wear by next Saturday (when we leave for our trip), whether it's the original one corrected or the new one.

As for my weight update....it's bad! Before we went of out of town last Friday, I weighed myself at home and was 168.4 (naked) which is about what I was the week before. No big deal. I stayed on plan really good all weekend until we got back to Lincoln. I had a horrible episode Sunday night at Granite City involving a cheeseburger, lots of beer and a huge frosted sugar cookie. Total binge! I weighed myself both yesterday and today and I'm at 170.2! Eee-gads! I'm up 1.8 pounds! In order to get my 50-pound charm before our trip, I have to lose 2.2 pounds by next Saturday, May 24.

I am so mad at myself. What was I thinking?? I know, I know....it was one day and these things will happen. But it doesn't make me feel any better. I just really want to make this goal!

I have good news about my husband though....he hit the 40-pound mark over the weekend! He is looking so good! lol..... He's almost back to the size he was when we met 3 years ago. I seemed to fatten him up! But we are on our way to being one hot couple! ; )


Amanda said...

Congrats to your hubby! And you can do the 2.2!! I have faith! :-)

Karen said...

Congratulations to your husband!!

With the way you have lost weight in the past... 2.2lbs in 10 days is going to be a breeze. You know the drill ... track, water and exercise. You'll make it :-)

What a pain about the ring. :-(