Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back on Track

After maintaining last week, I had a 2.4 loss this week! Since I haven't been weighing myself at home in between WW weigh-ins, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was out of town 3 days, but I guess this is proof that I have truly made a lifestyle change because even though I wasn't as in control of the food, I still made good choices. (Well, except for that tostada, enchilada, rice, and beans on the way back home was soooo worth it though!) This eases my worries a bit about our upcoming vacation.

I'm only .4 away from getting my 50-pound charm! We leave for Chicago 3 weeks from tomorrow, so I'm pretty confident I'll have it by the time we leave. ; )

I won't be able to go to my regular meeting next weekend (my 6-month anniversary with WW) since we'll be out of town again, so I won't have an "official" weigh-in until May 17.

Check out an updated picture of my husband and's with the other pics on the right side of my blog. We both received a lot of nice compliments on our weight loss from our family earlier this week. As of this morning, he's lost 39 pounds! His "beer belly" is almost gone! lol...

An updated progress chart is below.


kikimonster said...

I was wondering where you were :) I'm so glad to hear that things are well with you. You and your husband look fabulous!! Great job!

c said...

Wow, only .6 until 50 pounds? That must feel incredible! You and your husband look great. The compliments were well deserved.