Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vent....Very Long.

Since losing weight, my husband and I both had to have our wedding rings resized since they were too big. We took them to the jeweler that we bought them from for sizing. They were sent in on April 21st. They came back on the 29th. Mine was fine. Bill's was not. His was orignally a satin-brushed white gold band with a thin strip of polished yellow gold in the middle that went all the way around. When it came back it wasn't brushed at all...the whole thing was polished. I could see my reflection in it it was so shiny. I explained to them the problem and found another ring in the case to show what it used to look like. They didn't have his exact ring in stock, unfortunately. They sent it back in with a description to satin brush it since that's what they said it probably was after I showed them a similar one. They called yesterday saying it was in. We went last night and it's still not right. Somewhat worse, actually. It's brushed, but looks like sh*t. Still not even close. Plus, it looks like the white gold portions are breaking away from the yellow gold section. There's a little gap between in some areas. We know that it wasn't like that before.

I was not a happy camper, to say the least. I'm PMS-ing, too, which didn't help matters. Since they don't have his ring in-stock to see what it's supposed to look like, they looked on the computer and found one in another store in South Dakota. The lady said they could ship it here and it would arrive on the 13th and then they would send it in with our ring so the repair people can see what it's supposed to look like. We'd have it back around the 20th. I told her that was unacceptable, that they've now had the ring since April 21st as it was.

I asked if we could just exchange ours for the new one since we have the extended warranty, and was told that it's only good for repairs. That's when I lost it. The problem is with the repairs done by their own repair company! I explained that other than being too big when we brought it in, there was NOTHING wrong with it. Apparently the warranty means "we won't charge you for the repairs done" but don't expect us to make things right if we mess it up.

She then had the manager come over and I explained the whole thing again. She could tell I was mad so she said she would call the other store this morning and see if they will send the new ring directly to the repair shop and she would send in our ring for them to compare and fix it and we'd possibly have it back by Monday the 12th. She even agreed that it didn't look nice at all. Then she went on to say "I'll tell them how upset you are" and put a rush on it. Ummmm, I think I have a right to be upset. Your 'repair' company screwed up my husband's $700 wedding band!! Arrrgggghhhhh...... She's supposed to call me this morning after she talks to the other store. My luck is that the computer inventory was wrong and they don't really have one. What's worse, is that they've discontinued the style so it's not available for direct ordering from the company.

After we left there, I said "I need a beer!" I'm discovering that I'm not an emotional eater....but I AM an emotional drinker. We headed to Granite City and I had a 25 oz mug (the biggest they have) of their bock. Mmmmm...... it calmed me down but I'm still mad. But wouldn't you be?? Or am I just being a bitch? (excuse my language, please)


c said...

I'd be pissed too! That's completely unacceptable. I don't even really understand how they can mess up the ring. I hope they find a replacement asap. I'm sentimental about our rings and wouldn't be happy about even having to get a replacement. It's better than nothing though.

Karen said...

I think you have every right to be totally pissed off. I would be. That's disgusting customer service on their part. Sadly, that seems to be more and more common these days. They need to either fix the ring or replace it.

Jay wears his Dad's wedding ring. His dad gave it to him, just before he died a couple of years ago. The ring is a little bit too big for Jay, so he wears one of those ring keepers or whatever they are called. We're a little scared of taking it in to be sized, just in case they mess it up as it has a thin band of pattern in the middle of the ring and it also has alot of sentimental value, having been given to his Dad by his Mum.

Hope you get it all sorted out.

kikimonster said...

I would definitely be mad!! Wedding rings are so sentimental, and the fact that your husband needs a replacement would have made me stark raving mad.