Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Got the Smile Stick!

Yesterday was weigh-in and get this....I lost 5 pounds! In the first week! YES! My leader was super excited for me and during the meeting I was awarded the Smile Stick! I also got my "5" sticker to put in my book that shows I've lost that many.

Last night we had my family over before the game and my mom had bought 2 frozen pizzas, cinnamon breadsticks, and regular garlic breadsticks. While at the store I suggested picking up some salad so I'd have something to fill up on. I also cut up 2 red peppers and 1 green pepper for a quick veggie tray. I still had 2 small pieces of pizza (thin crust), but I skipped the breadsticks. The pizza slices were 7 points each, but I still stayed within my 28 points for the day. Okay, technically 29 since I splurged and had a glass of wine. So I used one of my bonus points.

I'd have to say last night was my first test, given that I love pizza! But I handled it very well. Thanskgiving is next week so hopefully I can continue to make good choices. I don't weigh-in again until December 1st (2 weeks) so my goal is to have lost at least 6 more pounds. However, 10 would be even better!

Here's my progress chart for week 1.

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