Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another Good Week!

Weigh-in was this morning and I'm down another 4.6 pounds for a total loss of 9.6 pounds in 2 weeks! GO ME!!!

I did well on Thanksgiving, only going over my points by 4. That darned slice of apple pie did me in! I also splurged and had 2 glasses of wine.

I really want to reach my first goal of 10% weight loss by Christmas, and I think I stand a good chance at attaining it. I have 12.4 pounds to go, and I have 4 more weigh-ins before the 25th. It sounds doable, doesn't it?

We took Wrigley for a walk last evening and again this morning. I would like to take her for a walk every day, no matter the weather. She needs excercise, as do we.

That's it for now. My progress chart for week 2 is below.

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