Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Change of Plans

Due to a family emergency, we will be hosting Thanksgiving at our house instead of driving to Iowa.

Now I will be able to weigh-in this Saturday and not have to skip a week. I will also be able to make some food that I can snack on. I will definitely make a veggie tray and I'm going to look through Weight Watchers online and their Turnaround cookbook to see if I can come up with an idea for a salad (to impress the mother-in-law). I also plan to make the green bean casserole per the recipe Joanne gave us at last week's meeting. That'll cut some points off of it.

So now I'm not so worried about over-eating since I'll be on my "turf" and will have access to good, healthy stuff. Plus, since we won't be going out of town, I'll be able to continue calculating and tracking my points.

I'll post again after weigh-in!

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