Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Loss is a Loss, Right?

I lost .8 pounds which is disappointing...but it's still a loss. If it had only been .2 more and been 1 pound, I would've been fine. I just hate to see weight losses that start with a "." rather than a number. But I know that they add up just the same. I've still lost 31.8 pounds in 15 weeks which is great.

I worked out more last week than any other week and to see a small loss is just really frustrating. I ate all of my activity points last week and 15 of my weeklies. This week I'm going to try not to use as many weeklies and not use all of the activity points. We'll see how that goes.

The small loss could be also due to TOM which I think will arrive tomorrow. I feel like I'm coming up with excuses leader would tell me "NO EXCUSES!" and I need to tell myself the same.

I know I am starting to look different to others so the scale shouldn't matter. I had two coworkers tell me last week that my face is thinner. Another one told me I am looking "really good" and two weeks ago, two other coworkers noticed that I am losing weight. I just need to focus on those NSVs and not on the scale so much. But it's just so hard not to!

Anyway, an updated progress chart is below.

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Roni said...

Hey! That's my chart! LOL you are doing amazing!! and a loss is a loss!! .8 down is way better then .8 up. Just look at that chart!! WOW!