Saturday, March 1, 2008

I've Lost My Age!

Yep, after losing another 2.2 I've now lost exactly 34 pounds! I also received my "clapping hands" charm for sticking with WW for 16 weeks. =) The next charm I will receive is for having lost 50 pounds! That's only 16 pounds away!

Last week I ate pretty much all of my activity points and hardly any (just 3) of my weekly flex points. So perhaps that's the key. I will do the same this week and see what happens.

I'm striving to lose at least 1 pound this week so I'll get another star sticker AND be able to have coffee with my husband. With every 5 pounds lost, we go to Starbucks and I get a 'skinny' latte as a little reward and treat. They say to reward with non-food items, and well, it technically isn't food...but probably not what they have in mind. It's only 2 points and coffee is something that I've quit drinking otherwise. So it's okay.

An updated progress chart is below.

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