Saturday, February 2, 2008

12 Weeks Down

It's been 12 weeks since I started WW and after a loss of 1.2 this past week, I am down 28 pounds!

I earned 23 activity points last week and I exercised EVERY day! I've been doing a lot of stairs...7 sets on Thursday alone (3 sets at lunch then 4 sets during break).

Tonight is Bill's company party so I exercised this morning in order to earn a couple of activity points for dinner. There's a chicken dish so I'll have that. I know it's in some sort of glaze so it'll probably be 4 points, I'm guessing. Hopefully they have some fat-free dressings for the salad and some sort of veggie dish, too.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and we're going to a get-together. It's going to be a challenge since it's during the time we would normally be eating dinner. I am going to have to eat ahead of time so I don't get too hungry. We're taking mini-pigs-in-a-blanket which I know are 2 points so I will have one or two of those and I'm thinking about taking my own bag of popcorn, too.

I'm hoping to have a really good week and lose 2 pounds by next week so I can get another star and reach 30 pounds. TOM started yesterday so hopefully once it's gone I'll drop some extra weight from that and be able to get to 190.2.

Until then, an updated progress chart is below.

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