Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just a Follow-Up

In my last post I mentioned two things that were happening last weekend, Novartis Night and the Super Bowl, so I thought I would post an update on those events.

Novartis Night: I went in with a plan...but didn't exactly stick to it. I did fine during the actual dinner and I figure I ate 8 points worth of food. Not bad! Then came dessert. They have the desserts pre-set on the table so it's sitting there eye-balling you from the time you sit down. Completely cruel, huh?! So sitting in front of me was a huge slice of carrot cake, which I LOVE. I was going to do the 3-bite thing...which then turned into about 8 bites and half the cake. I decided to count each bite as a point, so 8 points on that alone! I could be guestimating high, but I figured I'd rather count high than low. (Plus, Denny's carrot cake was the highest I found and it was 16...since I only ate half, that would make it 8.) Okay, so moving on. After we left the dinner party, we headed to one of our favorite bars and I NEEDED chocolate thanks to you know who. I ordered a chocolate martini which was absolutely fabulous! It wasn't cream-based, so I just counted each of the alcohols as 2 pts for a grand total of 6 pts. It was very worth it!

So, all-in-all, I went over my daily points by 14. Hmmm....perhaps it's just mere coincidence that the cake and martini together were 14? lol... I deducted my overage from my weekly points and moved on.

Super Bowl: I only ate things that we took to the party and that I knew the points of. That included a mini-bag of 94% ff popcorn, 1 mini pig-in-a-blanket, 4 turkey meatballs, 1 diet cherry coke cupcake, and 1 glass of wine. I also drank 80 ounces of water and went upstairs to use the restroom 5 times which was 75 stairs total. I exercised! lol...just kidding. I finished the day with 1 point to spare.

There you have it, my weekend wrap-up. It was a challenging weekend but I made it through it. This weekend will also be a bit difficult since we'll be in Omaha from Saturday afternoon - Sunday afternoon. I'll just have to plan a bit ahead.

I'll post again after Saturday's weigh-in

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