Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Better Late Than Never

I didn't get around to posting after last weekend's weigh-in, so here it is.

I lost .8 pounds so I'm at 28.8 total loss. Still proud, but I'll be honest, I was disappointed in only losing .8 pounds (my smallest loss since starting WW). I know that I shouldn't say "only" because I would not be happy with "only" a .8 GAIN. No, it wasn't a huge loss, but it was still a LOSS! I exercised every day last week and I'm proud of that. So what if the scale didn't reflect it as much as I would have liked? It'll catch up eventually.

We celebrated our anniversary (yes, 2 months late) by going to Omaha last Saturday afternoon. We went to dinner at Upstream, saw Phantom of the Opera, spent the night at the Hilton Garden Inn, had lunch with friends the next day and did some shopping. We decided we need to do mini-trips more often as we had a great time and enjoyed some Wrigley-free sanity time!

So far the week is going well. I really, really want to hit 30 pounds this Saturday. I'm sending "skinny vibes" to myself in hopes I can lose 1.2 this week! I'll let you know how I do in a few days.

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