Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Feel Like Rocky Balboa

Strange title, I know. But seriously. On my morning break today, a really fast song came on my iPod as I was heading up my 4th set of stairs ( the building where I work, I consider a "set" of stairs to be up to the 3rd floor which is a total of 82 stairs, and then back down).

I got all pumped up and decided to run up the stairs! (Hence, the Rocky reference.) Now, I've done this before but I usually run the stairs and walk on the landings in between the flights. Today I kept running around the landings! It was FUN! I felt like a little kid And a bit like that one "Friends" know, the one where Phoebe runs like a crazy woman. I'm not a runner and have no form whatsoever....I'm sure I looked a bit silly, but who cares!

By the time I got back down I was pretty out of breath, but it felt good! I don't think I could've ran another one right after it, but maybe I will strive to run one set during each break & lunch session. If I did, that would be running 3 out of the 16 sets I do each day, which would be awesome! =)


kikimonster said...

I was just saying to one of my friends today that I sure hope that I don't run like Phoebe!! Good job on the stairs :)

c said...

Awesome! I bet it felt great afterwards. Sometimes it's even just the mental barrier you have to get past. I hope you don't hurt too much tomorrow!

Karen said...

Well done!!! It makes you feel so good, when you find yourself doing something, that, a couple of months ago, you would never have dreamed of doing. :-)