Monday, April 14, 2008

Buh-Bye Scale!

When I first started WW, I would weigh myself at home a few mornings during the week, just to see how I was doing between weigh-ins at my WW meeting on Saturday mornings. At some point I tried to kick the habit and asked my husband to hide the scale from me....and then I proceeded to play "hide-and-seek" until I found it! (I always was good at that game and it wasn't hidden very well! lol...)

From that day on, I've gotten progressively worse about weighing in too frequently. Knowing that I have trouble dealing with the fluctuations during the 7-day period between "official" weigh-ins at WW, I am now admitting this to all of my fellow bloggers, "My name is Marcie and I'm a daily weigher." Yes, DAILY. I have it bad.

Since there's no official 12-step program for my habit, I did the only thing I could think of. I asked my husband to hide the scale (yes, once again) somewhere in our basement where I won't be able to find it. Keep in mind that our basement isn't finished so besides never going down there, there are too many boxes to look through!

So I'm stopping. Cold turkey. Take that you stupid scale! (...flipping off my scale....) I CAN DO THIS!


c said...

Um, I swear you're my brain twin! I've had to take my scale out of the bathroom too so I stop weighing myself not only every morning but also other parts of the day. I just don't like watching the numbers that much. The numbers don't change what I eat but I just get tired of thinking about them. Oh but I know they are normal fluctuations too. Now I take it out for a few days and then put it back a few days before weigh-in. I've been better about not weighing myself throughout the day.

Karen said...

Oh boy .... can I relate to this!!

I've now stuck my scales in the back bedroom. Hopefully that will equate to out of sight, out of mind. :-)

Mama Bear June said...

I'm a fervent believer in weighing every day. Especially after reading this info I posted in my blog.
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