Sunday, April 6, 2008

Even with a pulled "butt muscle"

Yes, I seemed to have pulled a muscle in the middle of my right cheek...but I still lost 1.4 pounds last week. =) Just think what it would've been had I been able to climb stairs Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! I still walked at breaks and lunch and the dog after work, but I had to skip the stairs because it was too uncomfortable. I'll try them tomorrow and see how it goes.

Two people at my WW meeting called me the 's' word....SKINNY! lol.... Okay, so I know I'm not skinny yet but I am 43.4 pounds skinnier than I was 5 months ago. =) The comments made me feel very, very good.

Last week we made something new for dinner....chicken & veggie/fruit kabobs. We put the chicken on their own skewers, as well as the potatoes. Then we combined green peppers, red peppers, tomatoes, red onions and fresh pineapple chunks together on a few skewers. Below is a picture of them on the grill. They turned out really good and we will definitely have them again!

I've added a weight loss ticker on the right side of my blog. It shows my starting BMI, current BMI and goal BMI. It also shows how much weight I've lost and how much more I have to go.

That's all for now. Below is an updated progress chart.


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I deleted the comment because it was a spam comment. To hopefully eliminate such comments in the future, I enabled the word verification option. Just wanted to let anyone know!