Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finally Checking In...Very Long!

I was pleasantly surprised last Friday morning when I weighed in. I was down 2 pounds so I'm now at 63 pounds total! I realized that I am 14 weeks away from my 1-year anniversary with WW...I'm hopeful that I will be celebrating 75 pounds gone by then! =)

The trip to Iowa went well. My husband's extended family hadn't seen us since our own wedding 20 months ago so they were quite surprised. I think one of his aunts words were "there's so much less of you!" It was great that they noticed and commented. They didn't even see me at my highest weight of 220 since I ballooned up after the wedding. I'm *only* about 30 pounds smaller than the last time they saw me. They would've been really shocked to see my "before WW" photo!

The wedding was nice and at a beautiful house of one of the bride's friends. It was outdoors with a large pond as the backdrop, complete with a spraying fountain, a bridge to an enclosed gazebo and a duck swimming on the water. There was also a separate little koi pond with a waterfall. It was about 88 degrees, no humidity, and just a slight breeze. They couldn't have asked for a better day. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the hotel room so I didn't get ANY pictures. I blame it on the 2 glasses of wine I had before we left! My MIL took a picture of us with her camera, but I didn't see how it turned out. If it's good, she will likely mail us a printed copy of it.

I did have Bill take a pic of me in the hotel room with my dress and glasses on, but I downloaded it today and I don't like how it turned out. I plan on wearing the outfit to church this Sunday, so I will have him take some other shots and hopefully one of them is better. You'll just have to keep waiting. ; )

I wanted to list some of the yummy food I had while on our trip (in no particular order), NONE of which I wrote down or counted! Pasta in a cabernet wine sauce with beef tips, chocolate chocolate cake with raspberry glaze and whipped cream (shared), pork tenderloin, baby potatoes swimming in butter, wedding cake, biscuits & gravy, cheeseburger, 1/2 waffle, wine, beer at a brewpub, 2 rum and cokes, and 1 martini. Mmmmm......

I weighed myself Monday afternoon when we got back, just for fun and I was up 6 whole pounds from Friday! But, I was fully clothed and I had just had lunch an hour before. I knew I hadn't gained 6 pounds of fat so I wasn't really worried. This morning I got on and I'm only up .6 which isn't bad at all. My body fluctuates throughout the week anyway so I'm still not worried about it. It was all delicious and I have no regrets. =)

I started Week 4 of the C25K program last night. It's two intervals of a 3 minute run, 90 second walk, 5 minute run, and a 2.5 minute walk. The first interval was just fine...even my first 5 minute run wasn't horrible! The second interval was tough....towards the end of the 3 minute run I developed a side stitch, which I haven't had since week 1. I was breathing deep, or so I thought, so I'm not sure why it happended. But anyway, I was working on getting my breathing back into a good rhythm during the 90 second "recovery" walk but it hadn't gone away by the time I was to start running. I decided to keep walking for an additional minute and by then it was gone and I was able to run the remaining 4 minutes without any pain at all. It felt good to resolve it and to be able to finish. Afterwards I spent 30 minutes on the eliptical.

I think that's *all* I have!


kikimonster said...

Hey you! I tried posting a comment last night, but Blogger was on the fritz. I'm so glad you got on the C25K train... you feel so much stronger about yourself when you can run! And you look gorgeous in your new Talbots dress :)

RooBabs said...

Way to go on the run- you are doing great!! Glad you enjoyed the trip and the wedding. Too bad about no pictures.

Congrats on the double workout, too!

Anonymous said...

I am still really proud of you, but I'm glad you will still share chocolate cake with me. That piece was as big as my face. To the regular commenters, Marcie really appreciates your encouragement. Only a few more pounds to go for her goal. Bill

Big Girl said...

Hi there... I'm a first time reader to your blog and not quite sure how I got here.

Isn't it so nice to get comments about the weightloss? I totally love them.

Good luck in your journey.

c said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your weekend! I'm still looking forward to seeing you all jazzed up in your new dress. Tomorrow, I suppose.

Great job on continuing C25K. It really is a good program to get into running.