Saturday, August 23, 2008

Focusing on the Positive

After weigh-in this morning, I am again focusing on the positive aspects of this journey I've been on for 9+ months now. I won't let yet another gain (1.4) get me down. I'm more active than I've been in at least 5 years (and that health-kick was short lived) and I look better than I have in a lonnnngggg time. Hopefully this down-up-down-up cycle doesn't last long, but if it does...I will handle it!

After my meeting this morning, my husband and I went down to the Haymarket, grabbed some coffee and walked through the Farmer's Market / Craft Fair. We sampled quite a few things and bought some fresh gouda & stout bread for a beer tasting party tonight. I also bought some cute red & black bead earrings to go with the outfit I'm wearing.

Once we were done there, we walked to the Running Company which was nearby. The guy had me walk and determined I'm flat-footed, which I never really realized before. Then he went back to grab me some shoes to try. He came out with 3 different pairs for me to choose from; New Balance, Asics, and Mizuno. I went with the Asics since they had more cushion in the ball of the foot than the others. When I was at the store, I told my husband, "I think these are the same ones Kiki ended up with." I looked at her blog and yep, same ones! Here they are...cute huh? They also match my nano and headphones. ; )
I'm set to do Week 6 Day 2 of the C25K tomorrow so we'll see if the shoes help with the knee discomfort I've experienced at the end of my last two runs. I'm looking forward to trying them out.
As I mentioned earlier, we're off to a beer tasting party tonight. My husband and I are home brewers, as are two of his friends. We'll be sampling home brews and other microbrews. We get together like this every couple of months and there's always lots of good beer and food to try. I'm taking a little 4 oz glass to drink out of so I can still try stuff without having too much. The food is always tempting but I usually do pretty good. Normally I take something that I know the points of, but not tonight. I knew I wouldn't have time today to make something to take (we had to go to a birthday party earlier this afternoon), so that's why we bought the bread this morning. And tomorrow brings another challenge...I have to go to a baby shower which means MORE cake to pass up. lol....
By the way, thanks for all of the great comments to my "I DID IT!" post. You are all the best! Have a great week!


kikimonster said...

I seriously just LOL'ed imagining you saying to your husband, "I think these are Kiki's shoes!" They are! And they are fabulous. I went with them for the cushioning factor as well. When I tried them on, I realized how far I had let my then-current running shoes get. Oy. Never again! Hope you enjoy them!

Cyndi said...

Hi, I jumped here via RooBab's blog and just wanted to say hi and also congrats on your amazing success! I am in Week 5 C25K and I LOVE it! Some days are harder than others, but most days I am pleasantly surprised that I get it done! Running is a whole new thing for me and I am hooked - looking forward to my first 5K in October. Funny that 6 weeks ago I didn't even know what a 5K was! (well I did but no relavence to me in any way!)

Anyway, I'll be stopping in to cheer you on, but just wanted to send my kudos to your success so far!

Matt Keeling said...

MMMMMM BEER! I know I know it is a weight loss blog, but the thing is if I gave up good beer forever, well lets just not think about that.

Funny you mention heading to the "running store". I was thinking about heading there in a few weeks myself. To get something that fits me right.

Love your blog by the way. I have some catching up to do. Keep up the good work.

ptg said...

YAY on the new running shoes! I hope they help you out!

I usually recommend SPENCO inserts to those who have a pronated (IE flat footed) gait cycle, or those who overpronate during the run...(Does that entire sentance sound as geeky as I think it does? Oy.)

Let us know how the run goes...and oh so cute that you recognized Kiki's shoes!

SuperDave said...

Beer mmm...
I am an Asics guy myself, love em.
I have 2 friends that are "flat-footed" and they have troublesome knee issues. Good shoes will help!