Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend flew by and I feel like I need another day off to rest from the last two days.

Yesterday morning I went to my WW meeting. I lost just enough to reach 60 pounds and get another star for my book. =) Just 15 more for my WW goal...20 for my personal goal. It's hard to believe that I am *this* close to being there.

In the afternoon I went to Omaha in search of a little sweater to wear over my dress, new shoes, and jewelry. I found everything I was looking for so I'm now ready for the wedding. Well, sort of. I decided that my dress does need some altering, so I'll get that done this week. It's a little big through the chest, so you can see through the arm hole and right in at my bra. I hadn't noticed it till my sis-in-law pointed it out yesterday. The necklace and earrings I bought are a chocolate brown and burnt orange combo. Very pretty, though a little reminiscent of The Brady Bunch. lol.... Then I bought a new handbag that is brown and orange. I'm not sure if I'll wear the sweater with it or not. My husband likes it better without it, and I tend to agree. Plus, it's going to be I really won't need it. I just felt like I should cover my flabby arms, but I decided I'm going to wear my wings like a badge of honor and say "screw it" and just go without it. So I'll likely be returning it.

On the workout front, I got up and went to the gym at 7:45 this morning and started Week 2 of the C25K. It was 6 intervals of 90 second runs and 2 minute walks. All went well with only a tad bit of shin pain towards the very end of the last run. After I got done with that, I did the eliptical for 30 minutes. I was pretty pooped by the time I left.

We took Wrigley for an hour-long walk this evening on one of the trails. Bill wore his camelback so we had fresh, cold water for us and for her, too. Towards the end she was really hot so we poured water all over her back and her head and it seemed to pep her up a bit. She's currently laying on arm of the couch sleeping. Hopefully she'll sleep good tonight....she was a complete pain in the you know what last night! Who needs a baby in the house when we have a dog that gets up every few hours?! ; )


c said...

I can't believe you're 15 pounds from your WW goal. You are so awesome. You're going to feel so fantastic at the wedding in your new outfit. The new jewelry sounds like it goes with your dress perfectly.

Amanda said...

Congrats on being so close to your goals!!!

Make sure you post pictures after the wedding! And I agree, you won't need the sweater ~ you look great without it!

KK said...

Congrats on reaching 60 pounds! That is amazing and you look amazing in your new dress! Congrats also on starting week 2 of the C25K program!