Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Naked Weight

I've had a few questions about this...the reason I write "naked weight" every now and then is because any time I reference how many pounds I've lost or how many more I have to go, those amounts are WITH my clothes on since I can't strip down for the scale at Weight Watchers. lol.... That would be weird!

I make a note of my naked weight every now and then...like hitting 150.0! At WW that day, I was 151.2 with clothes.

I hope that clears up some confusion.


KK said...

LOVE that new photo!!! You look amazing!!!! You are my inspiration to trying to hit goal by X-mas!!!

Sherre said...

Wow!! The new picture is AWESOME. You're my inspiration.

Cyndi said...

LOVE the before and after shots! Wow...just WOW!

Good on you!