Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back from a Hiatus

It's been more than 2 weeks since I updated my blog...mainly because I have no major news to share. At my last "official" weigh-in on October 4th, I showed a .2 gain. But in my defense, I wore a pair of jeans since it's colder these days...instead of my normal cotton capris. The difference in weight between these 2 articles of clothing was .8 pounds. So I actually lost .6 that week.

This past weekend we were out of town so I didn't have an official weigh-in, but I weighed myself last Friday (a day earlier than my "official" weigh-in would have been had I been in town) and I was up 2 pounds. Not surprising since I had some problems staying out of the pantry last week while left alone in the house on a couple of different nights.

I've been struggling lately with my points...I haven't been writing stuff down as religiously as I had been. I'm thinking about switching to the Core program but as I look through the list of Core foods, I'm already eating foods that are considered Core. The only things I eat that aren't are bread, yogurt (not the kind that I'm eating anyway), and the deli turkey I have for lunch. I'm going to talk to my leader this weekend and see what she thinks. They say that some members experience good losses just from switching plans, and since I've been at a stand-still, I'd like to give it a try. I want these last 8 pounds off!

I also haven't been working out. At all. I'm just not motivated one bit. I've been saying "I'll go tomorrow" for the last couple of weeks...and so far tomorrow hasn't come. I'm sure that if I'd just get active again, the weight would start coming off. I just need to do it.

On a lighter note, I am finally almost rid of all of my fat clothes! The sister of one of my friends came over a few weeks ago and took most of the 18s and all of the 20s, along with my 2x's. She asked if I wanted anything in return for them and I told her no. Then a couple of weeks ago, two of my friends came over and took everything else (14s - 18s; XL - 1X), with the exception of a couple pairs of capris and a shirt or two. Again, I didn't expect or ask for anything in return, but they went together and bought me a $50 gift card to Penneys! I was super excited because that's where I've been buying most of my clothes lately. So that was really nice of them.

I've still been checking blogs and have kept up with how all of you are doing (you know who you are). I was hoping that by reading about how much you're exercising and running that the pounds would melt off of me....but sadly, that's not how it works! lol....

Keep up the hard work, ladies....I'll try to get back to my regular posting. (Hopefully you haven't given up on my blog and will read this....I love seeing the comments you leave for me.) Till next time....ariva derche!


Big Girl said...

Motivation is probably the hardest part of this whole thing. Once I get going I'm good but getting there can be quite a struggle.

It's nice you were able to give your clothes away and super thoughtful of them getting you something you can use.

Good luck!

kikimonster said...

I struggle with motivation ALL THE TIME. I would say that my biggest problem is thinking that I *should* spend my exercise time on my research, grading, etc... but I know that exercise is good for ME. Period. That's it.

I'm glad to see you back though. Been wondering where you were! And I've been buying lots of clothes from Penney's as well. I love their sales :)

Matt Keeling said...

I think that the summer did something with my motivation. I have been running and keeping the weight off, but I am in a holding pattern because of my poor diet choices. I know what is wrong and I intend on fixing it.

I think you know that my race is coming up Saturday. So I am not going to hold back for the weekend, but as of Monday I am getting back to writing it all down, tracking the GHG's and getting in the exercise. Care to join me?

Sherre said...

I'm glad you're back to the blog (from a lurker). Hang in there with the motivation -- why is it SO easy to skip exercising?? I struggle with it myself.

RooBabs said...

Glad to see that you didn't decide to run off to the north pole and make toys for children (ha ha). I've missed you. = )

Sorry about the small gains, but I think your jeans argument is legitimate. I always wear my birthday suit to weigh, or else it "doesn't count".

That was nice of your friends to give you a gift card in return. That's good karma working its magic.

I'm sorry your motivation has waned. Maybe if you just start small instead of jumping back in full force. Sometimes I tell myself that I just have to do 15 minutes, which is less daunting, and I usually feel like doing more- but even if you don't, at least you did something and you can gradually build up.

Good luck!

KK said...

Ah yes, I have those weeks as well. But, we are here to motivate you! You can get those last couple of pounds to fly off!

Jane said...

I have been a lurker for months and I really missed your blog. I know what it is like to get inspiration/motivation from an unlikely source, so let me say that you really motivate me! Your success is awesome and I hope you can find your way back. I am sure you can lose those last 8 pounds. I have recently gotten back on the WW plan and am ready to really commit. I hope I can have as great of results as you have had. Thanks for sharing your story.