Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I started counting the weeks and can you believe Christmas is 15 weeks from this Thursday! I can't! I technically want to lose 15 more pounds....so a pound a week....hmmm. That would be an awesome present to myself to hit 140. I used to routinely lose a pound per week, but the last 6 weeks have sucked as far as the scale goes anyway.

My fitness level has never been better (well, up until the stupid ankle injury) so I know I need to say f-you to the digital machine that has occupied a space on my bathroom floor for the past few months, but it's hard. I WANT TO WEIGH 140! Actually, I would settle for 145. Perhaps my body likes being at 155 (or 157 as it is today) and I need to accept that perhaps this is it. At least for now.

My ankle is feeling pretty good now, though it's still ugly and has a knot on the outside of it. I am walking just fine and I can even do a complete circle in the air with my foot! I am going to go to the gym tonight....no running, don't worry. I'm going to do the eliptical since it's non-impact, and possibly the bike, too. If it starts to hurt, I'll stop and go home. Promise.

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kikimonster said...

I seriously can't believe you are THATCLOSE to 140! Wow girl! My 15 (which is what I want to lose by Christmas as well) would bring me to the 170ish mark, which would make me really happy. I feel like I've been hanging in the 180s since forever. Well, at least since April.